Old Prospector Distilling

Welcome to Old Prospector Distilling, home of Old Prospector Vodka. Our craft distillery is centrally located in Camrose - it’s the ultimate destination for those who crave a premium spirit with unparalleled flavor. Straight up or in your favorite mixed drink, the combinations are endless.

Each bottle of Old Prospector is laced with 24K gold flakes, hand-dipped in black wax and stamped on top. The gold flakes sparkle on ice or in your glass - it’s a work of art behind any bar!


Created in small batches from an organic wheat recipe, our vodka is creamy and slightly sweet. When we distill, it’s hands on the entire time. This allows us to make “cuts”, which divide the distillation process into sections. The first distillate to be removed from the still is called the “foreshots”. They have to come off; they'll make you go blind.

The next product that is created is called the “heads”, which is used to make hand sanitizer and nail polish remover.

The clean distillate created next is aptly named “hearts” and we use that to create our premium spirit.

And the final product is called the “tails”, which is the end portion of the run and we dispose of those.

The rest of the process is a well-guarded secret, but we will reveal that Old Prospector is definitely vodka’s gold standard!

Ready-to-drink mixed cocktails, or as we prefer to call them, coolers!

Our coolers are made with only premium Old Prospector vodka and have 6% alc./vol. - you can’t taste the alcohol.
Everyone says “that’s dangerous”!

Our Adventure coolers come in three flavors and do contain some sugar, but not extra because we don’t have to hide the taste of a substandard vodka. Crantastic-cherry includes juice from British Columbia cherries, Go Mango is made with unsweetened mango juice and Tea-licious is our version of hard iced tea.

They are all delicious, but we’ve found that mixing them with each other, or with the MsKetos in any combination, is tasty too. You can even mix them with your favorite beer to create your own Raddler or Shandy. Whatever you choose to do, they are a simple way to elevate your cocktail game. And taking them from the back deck to the back nine is a snap!


Cran-tastic Cherry
Go Mango

MsKeto coolers

Our MsKeto coolers have zero sugar, zero carbs, zero aftertaste and come in at 59 calories, 6% alc./vol. They were created to fit a Keto lifestyle or to appeal to consumers who prefer not to drink their calories, but still have a ton of fun! The flavors are Hint of Lemon and Hint of Lime. They are basically hard lemon or lime water with a tiny bit of carbonation.


A Reflux Still sends vapor climbing up the column and dripping back down as liquid hundreds of times in a process called refluxing and this refluxing of vapor and liquid purifies the alcohol.

In addition, the copper tower works to remove unwanted sulfur flavors from the distillate.

The rest of the process is confidential, but it's hands on the entire time.


Old Prospector Distilling
4810 41 Street
Camrose, Alberta T4V1N9


(780) 686-2281


10am-6pm Monday to Saturday
Please phone ahead to ensure that someone is here.

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